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Leighton Buzzard’s friendliest business networking group. We meet every Wednesday at 7am at The Dukes in Heath & Reach, to generate pre-sold and pre-qualified prospects. Guests are always welcome to come along please contact us here.

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‘Although my main purpose in launching the club was to generate referrals – and I’ve enjoyed excellent referred business over the years – it’s turned out to be so much more. I’ve learned a lot and gained true friendships….’.
Steve Baker
(Financial Consultant)


‘As one of the newer members I was immediately welcomed into the group and referrals for new work started from the very first meeting.’
Stewart Webb
(Digital Agency)

‘They’re such a friendly bunch and so supportive – even though it’s early in the morning, LBBC brightens up the week.’
Christine Barham
(Complementary Therapist)

‘The guest speakers have been really enjoyable and educational and the members’ talks are always hugely entertaining too. The session flies by.’
Mick Dearsley

Going it Alone

Who’d be a wage slave? Running your own business, being your own boss – there’s nothing like it. Exciting, satisfying, rewarding in every way. BUT. There’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there? Downturns, tax tangles, new regulations, awkward clients, no clients at all – when the buck stops with you, it’s tough.

Strong, Friendly Network

Networking is vital of course. Personal recommendations and word of mouth beat expensive advertising every time – but LBBC is different from other networking groups. Though most members have seen their businesses grow, there’s no pressure to generate referrals.

Supportive in Every Way

At LBBC the emphasis is on building a strong network, supportive in every way. We find that in a relaxed, light-hearted atmosphere, the business contacts take care of themselves. And there’s always someone to turn to for help and advice too.

No Competitors - only friends

As the club allows only one representative of each profession there are no competitors  around the breakfast table, only friends.  From the law,  finance and HR, to computers,  sport and construction, our members come from varied fields.

Contacts from every walk of life

We understand the highs and lows of running a business and between us we have contacts from just about every walk of life. No matter what expertise you need – chances are, one of us knows someone who knows someone who can solve your problem!

Like Minded People

So if you’re looking for something a bit different, if you like a stress free,  relaxed atmosphere amongst like-minded people and you enjoy a good laugh – give us a call. Come along and see if the LBBC would suit you. Oh – and the breakfasts are pretty darned good!

If you want to find out more or attend as a guest, please contact us.

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Like to speak at our meetings?

If you would like to speak at one of our meetings or know someone who can present a short business presentation on a particular subject, then we’d like to hear from you. Please fill in our contact form or call Steve Baker on 01296 641868 to discuss the benefits.

At every meeting you'll enjoy

Full breakfast and refreshments
10 minutes business presentation by a member
5 minutes educational talk
Business referrals and networking

Hot Topics

Another informative meeting

Our ‘select’ and friendly group sat down for another fine breakfast at ‘The Dukes’ this morning. The ten minute business presentation was given by Andy Hooper who shared how he...

Andrew Selous

We are proud to announce that the Leighton Buzzard Business Club will have the Conservative MP for South West Bedfordshire as our guest speaker at our meeting of September the...

Weekly Meeting 1/8/18

We had an apology from Steve Leverton who was unable to attend todays meeting due to the vagaries of the dreaded M25 messing up his preparation schedule. We were happy...

Presentations covering B2L Portfolio finance and ‘Likes’

The usual lively and friendly breakfast meeting at ‘The Dukes’. This morning, in addition to our personal and business ‘up-dates’ we had two more formal presentations: Steve Leverton (Cornmill Associates)...

Another informative meeting

A lively LBBC breakfast meeting on the back of England’s win last night – but was that the real reason for Andy Hooper’s illness? Steve Leverton stepped into the breach to give...

Regular weekly meeting

The regular weekly meeting at the Dukes in Heath & Reach kicked off in the time-honoured fashion of a splendid full English Breakfast with coffee/tea, juice/water. The meeting then started...

What does the car you drive reveal about you – and learning styles

At LBBC this morning we had a brave last minute stand in for our 10 minute presentation: David Harrison who talked about the cars we drive and the image they...

Partnership and Fire Strategy

At our regular meeting last Wednesday we had a ten minute presentation by Mike Holmes about the importance of working in a partnership, citing examples of successful partnerships in the...

History of Air conditioning

ok it sounds like a dull title – but the alternative I considered speaking about is the new data protection rules – which is comparatively speaking watching paint dry. so...

crime and punishment

the first breakfast meeting of the year was the AGM, so the first normal meeting is the 10th of January a small  but vibrant group enjoyed the usual good quality...

The retreat of Western Liberalism

Office Building Renovations at Langley and 1 Neal Street and Covent Garden The retreat of Western Liberalism’ (a depressing view) by Edward Luce. Luce sees a period of relative decline,...

Meeting 06/09/2017

Coorrr time goes quick… it only feels like last week I was trying to figure out what I was going to write for my last blog. This time its easy...

Meeting 24/05/2017

Wednesday morning began with the usual ritual of floating towards the tea and coffee counter and picking up conversations with each member along the way (even though my choice of...

VAT Flat Rate Scheme change

Martin suggested the VAT Flat Rate Scheme changes would be a good idea for the educational slot this week, and I always follow legal advice!! And following Martin’s ‘sandwich’ example...

the fine art of public speaking – or how to tell ‘em

a brief presentation and some hints on public speaking I did the five minute presentation at the LBBC meeting on Wednesday.  I have been in the group a few years...

The times, they are a changing

The LBBC assembled for its usual Wednesday morning breakfast at the Duke’s Head in Heath and Reach and were subjected to a vision of the future by the two speakers....

Overcoming Type 2 Diabetes!

What a great meeting! It always surprises me how buzzing I feel at the end of our meetups, and this week was no exception. What a great way to kick off...

Steve Leverton Financial Negotiation Presentation 22/02/17

A very lively meeting this morning. A great English breakfast followed by a 10 minute presentation all about how Steve is the client negotiator with banks in order to seal...

A party meeting

What a fantastic LBBC meeting @ The Dukes this morning with 17 people sitting down to a Dukes cooked breakfast. We had the experienced networker Mark Orr of Printing &...

Meeting of 01/02/2017

Due to the fact that Trevor Killick was under time pressure & needed to leave the meeting early after the usual excellent Dukes breakfast, we started the proceedings with Trevor...

So that’s how it’s done!

Another entertaining meeting on Wednesday morning. As well as this website, the group uses Whoozin to confirm attendance and give details of guests. There had, apparently, been some confusion over...

Another lively meeting

A very well attended meeting this morning at ‘The Dukes’, attracting three guests. With numbers at 19 and all good local businesses the club continues to grow. The point that...

The weekly meeting 26/10/16

Today was our last meeting at the Leighton Buzzard Golf Club & from next week we will meet at our new home which is ‘The Dukes’ 7-9 Leighton Road, Heath...

Meeting of 10/08/2106

Another enjoyable meeting held @ the Leighton Buzzard Golf Club & after the usual enjoyable breakfast we commenced with introductions including welcoming a visitor and a couple of appologies for...

Great meeting

We assembled at 7AM for our regular weekly meeting at the Leighton Buzzard Golf Club where we enjoyed a choice of a fully cooked breakfast (great sausages in particular) or...

How lifetime gifts work

Blog article by Steve Baker – Financial Consultants I was asked to explain to a client how lifetime gifts work to help mitigate inheritance tax (IHT), so here are some...

Regular meeting

We had our weekly meeting again in the superb venue which is the Leighton Buzzard Golf Club & we were regally fed on the fantastic breakfasts always on offer. The...

Why running a business is like competing in the Olympics. Honest!

The latest meeting of the LBBC was the usual collection of information, exchange of leads and banter – some of it quite witty. Martin Addrison (Gisby Harrison, Solicitors) gave the...

Atlantic Experience

On October the 22nd we were priviliged to witness a presentation from our motivational guest speaker Ian Rowe of Atlantic Experience. Ian uses his experience of his attempt to row...

Weekly meeting on 7/5/2014

There was a real buzz @ Barringtons Restaurant today with a good mix of members and visitors, namely Mike Holmes & Sally Taylor. There was an excellent business presentation from...

Flight or Fright

17/7 and a very enjoyable meeting with a visitor Freddy who is setting up in a new Locksmith & security business, Steve Baker handling the education slot talking about looking at...

True Altruism @ LBBC

Another good meeting @ LBBC on Wednesday April the 24th although numbers were down & we wish a speedy recovery to Chris Green & Andy Hooper & we would like...

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