September 15th, 2011

Laptop Security Tips

The meeting  this week did not disappoint those who have come to expect a friendly, informative and interactive breakfast.  Attendance was good,  however, the meeting was chaired this week by Tessa Baker, who was sub for the regular chairman Steve Baker.  She ran a tight ship, with very efficient time management!

Peter Corbett (Buzzard IT Consulting) gave the 5 minute talk on ‘Laptop Security tips’.  Setting the background of how bad the issue of portable electronic devices has become.  (over £600,000 worth of devices being mislaid in the MOD in one year, and the Bedfordshire police region is in the top five in the UK for reported stolen laptops, for example) There were a number of tips offered to help reduce this threat for an individual.  The main point was, however, always remember you are the person in charge your property and belongings.  So, pay extra attention when in public areas, and keep your property in sight at all times!

The 10 minute talk was given by Bob Dick (Flame Gas Services) this week.  He took us back to his time working in the aircraft industry, and gave an example of the engineering projects he worked on.  He showed not only his engineering expertise , but artist abilities too!  Bob then brought us back to the present and explained the efficiencies of the combo gas heating boiler. In this time of ever increasing utility prices, the installation of such a model  could help make well needed savings to a householder.

With 1 min talks being well marshalled by Tessa, and the referrals down a little this week,  meant the meeting closed 5 minutes early, and the budding golfers got off to play the inaugural LBBC Golf Cup in good time.


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