November 2nd, 2011

Proposed Changes to Feed-in Tariffs

here is the Government paper on the changes:-
the proposed changes will fundamentally change the economics of installing PV cells.  The proposal is designed to reduce the ROI to 5% – in other words the payback period will move out to 20 years!
In a nutshell:-
For 4kWh installations, typically for domestic use:-
Tariffs are going down from 43.3 pence per kWh to 21 pence for retrofits, and from 37.8 to 21 for newbuilds.
This applies to all installations that get their certification after 12th December 2011!  There is not much time…
Existing installations that have been certified are not affected.
New rates apply from 1st April 2012
This is only supposed to be a consultation, with responses from concerned parties by 23rd December 2011 (after the Elegibility date of 12th December 2011) but general thinking is that it will happen.
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