A party meeting

What a fantastic LBBC meeting @ The Dukes this morning with 17 people sitting down to a Dukes cooked breakfast.

We had the experienced networker Mark Orr of Printing & Mailing with us today, and to show that the system does work we had 2 substitutes in attendance Toni Forestiero for Angie White & David Harrison for Steve Leverton.

After breakfast we had a brilliant 10 minute presentation from Keith Rawlings about the intricacies  of “The Party Wall Act”, which included the duties & responsibilities of the instigator (also known as the Party Wall Award), Keith also talked about the rights of anyone who may be affected by the triggering of the act, and that unless it is an amicable arrangement a Surveyor/Structural Engineer (does anyone know of one??) may need to be appointed to act as a mediator, the costs of which are the responsibility of the act Instigator.

Keith answered any questions from the floor and we then moved into our 1 minute member presentation slot.

We then had a very professional video presentation from Alex Hatt of Specsfactory, which she had skilfully put together herself, and it highlighted the opportunities video presentations offer a business for marketing & web site opportunities.

We finished off our referrals/testimonials which we had started prior to breakfast in the interests of time, & concluded with a few points of any other business, we announced the speakers for next week before leaving to travel back to our offices or onto appointments.

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