Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a business club?

A business club is a meeting place for business people, held at a local restaurant or hotel.

What is the purpose of a business club?

The business club brings business people together to network and to help each other generate new presold, pre-qualified prospects. You’ll also pick up valuable marketing ideas and have a chance to feature your business to the group.

What is a pre-sold pre-qualified referral?

These leads are what make the business club special. Once you know, trust and appreciate other business members, you’ll naturally refer business to them. You’ll learn a technique that will presell the prospect on your club member’s business. Other club members will do the same for you. You will look forward to receiving presold prospects for your business.

Will every referral or lead be pre-sold?

That would be nice. However, there are other types of leads you will receive as a business club member. They may not have their chequebook out and be ready to buy, but they’ll be good quality leads that can help you increase your business.

I’m new in my business, and I don’t know many people yet. What if I can’t give any leads to anyone?

Don’t panic. It will take a while for members of the club to know you and your business. You’ll need some time to become familiar with other club members. Over time, you will be both giving and getting new leads.

What does the person running the breakfast club get out of it?

He gets exactly the same thing every member receives: presold pre-qualified business. Everyone needs new business. This is just an inexpensive and fun way to get it.

What types of businesses join the club?

The business club is not limited by the types of businesses that can join. In fact, any business that desires to network with a broad range of business categories is invited to join us. We have service businesses, product business, manufacturing and distribution businesses. The variety means more new business leads for you.

Do you allow more than one business per category?

No. You are the only business of your type in the club. This gives you a big marketing advantage at our business club. A business owner never has to worry about competition from a similar business. Your business category is exclusively yours.

Are there guest speakers?

Every member of the breakfast club is a guest speaker. Each member will have the opportunity to give a short talk on their business. Occasionally, an outside speaker will talk to the business club about a topic that pertains to our businesses. However, the focus is to learn more about each member’s business and how we can help them.

How long is the meeting and what is the format?

The business club meetings only last for just over one hour, and we meet once each week. We meet at 7am, with breakfast served at 7.15am, and end promptly at 8.30am. The format is simple – over the course of the get-together you introduce yourself, eat breakfast, listen to a guest speaker, and exchange leads.

You can read more about a typical LBBC meeting by clicking here.

How much does it cost?

This is my favourite question! Your only expense is the cost of your meal. The club has a one-off joining fee of £50. This is a very inexpensive way to do business. It’s cheaper than advertising, and a whole lot more fun. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? Time: 7:00 for 7.15 am. until 8:30 am. every Wednesday.