History of Air conditioning

ok it sounds like a dull title – but the alternative I considered speaking about is the new data protection rules – which is comparatively speaking watching paint dry.

so Aircon was invented on a scale able and usable basis to help print in colour in new York in 1902.  then to print in colour the piece of paper needed to be printed on four times, and in varying humidity it would shrink or stretch slightly and mess up the colour print.  so a commercial application and then it spread to use in flour mills, textile factories and to stop razor blades rusting

in the 1920’s the potential was seen to make people more comfortable and it spread to theatres  and cinemas – at that time in the hotter parts of the USA many theatres and cinemas shut for the summer as it was simply too hot and aircon gave them an effective further two months of trading

but as ever there is an inconvenient truth – you can’t make heat disappear – only move it somewhere else and that is all aircon does.  so you can have cool underground trains but that gives you hot stations – and you can have cool shopping malls and centres but that pushes the heat into the car park

so good and bad with aircon

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