Meeting 06/09/2017

Coorrr time goes quick… it only feels like last week I was trying to figure out what I was going to write for my last blog. This time its easy though. Mike started off strong by recounting and sharing his experiences into his personal but inspiring journey’s through a number entrepreneurship’s (one of three). The events were delicately described through a timeline of events, taking the audience through a story line of trials and tribulations, mimicking the real life successes and lessons which left Mike getting the upper hand.  He spoke, with passion, about starting up a business with a partner in an aim to help new start ups get the services they need. Things took a turn when the two realised that there were a few discrepancies in the underpinning of expectations towards the future of the company.  The two had different expectations and goals leaving a forked trajectory of uncertainty. When the inevitable happened,  customers split and stood behind the one they believed would help them most, leaving Mike to go with his gut feeling (and with a solid group of reliable customers) He decided to take back the reins of the company and develop this company with he ones he trusts most.

Happily, he left the story there and left us all on a cliff hanger ! I am sure we are all looking forwards to his next few talks – as we still have 2 business trips to go through.

My talk – totally opposite to the one above being short and sweet. I spoke quickly about my full on week and things I had to learn. My Jack in the box took the stage enabling me to talk about the difficult process of building a life size Jack with pulley’s, weights and latches. My second lesson learnt that week was the physiology behind scuba diving with volume, density and pressure on lungs and air spaces.

Cant wait for Martin and Andy to take over the breakfast meeting next Wednesday.

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