Meeting 24/05/2017

Wednesday morning began with the usual ritual of floating towards the tea and coffee counter and picking up conversations with each member along the way (even though my choice of drink has no grounding on that said counter – I find that sticking to this particular route enables me to make easy conversation and unconsciously it allows my brain to catch up with my body who woke up an hour ago to drive me here…).

Finally, settling down in a slight circle formation with pockets of chatter, it was time for me to concentrate!!! This particular moment unravels a seriously unprecedented delivery of empirically important information which one would be stupid not to listen to.  It is a time where you get to learn how to deal with current affairs, how to learn from personal experiences and finally develop a decree of collateral damage control with real lifestyle examples. For example – how to plan a wedding or ways in which to negotiate a successful job contractural change with a company who is lucky to have you but wants to also bleed you dry !  Like I said – seriously useful information!!!

In a comfortable state, my ears and brain went into auto mode and I found myself in my safe place. Until this was rudely interrupted with a soft voice whispering ‘I think its your turn’. My turn for what ? This is dreadful – I mean everyone must have that sickly flutter of panic when they are told they have to do a public speech in front of a group of respectable, influential team of dynamic people.

I resorted to finding the two who knew best in improvisation and ‘wining it’… (that is a compliment!)
‘Why not talk about what you do !!!’
Simple but effective ! I like it.

Thankfully, Nikki was first ! Took one for the team. The fellow Loughborugh Alumni spoke about the one thing our university oozes with pride. Team Leadership! Nikki evaluated the types of attributes a Leader must portray to be the best and the characteristics they must show when leading a team through possible adversities and exciting challenges.

A team leader must –

  • Have effective Communication
  • Organisation skills
  • Confidence
  • And Be Respectful
  • Fair
  • Have Integrity and be
  • Influential

This fantastic presentation began the rabbit in my brain to start digging an even bigger whole trying to fathom what on earth am I was going to say which would at least be on par of interest…

So I began with a discussion approach – allowing people to have as much stake in this presentation, minimising my own input/responsibility and effectively stalling for time.

There’s an air of confusion surrounding my job description even for me – so it was a good opportunity to explain and distinguish what I do and what I actually should be doing (where is tim when you need him?)…

I began to explain … I work for two companies – tim’s company, Future Eyes, where we sell, repair and fit glasses ranging from single vision, varifocals and sunglasses. This part of my job takes up the majority of my time purely because tim is usually out of the office following up tasks from the other company.

In equal measure I am also required to follow up tasks and fulfil my own job role- with specsfactory (my main employer who pays my wages).

specsfactory is a Germany company who market online via social media. They drum up interest and send the customers to the partner opticians who dispense spectacles on our behalf with our package. Intern the optician will take money via (sum up/izettle) and they receive a certain percentage of commission for doing the job. My role means that I get to visit each optician and teach them how to use our systems. Simple, that wasn’t so bad !!!!

I love this business group! Not only do I get to surround myself with all walks of life I also learn how to develop business strategies and the confidence to hold spontaneous floor holding situations.

Looking forwards to next Wednesday!!!!

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