Meeting of 01/02/2017

Due to the fact that Trevor Killick was under time pressure & needed to leave the meeting early after the usual excellent Dukes breakfast, we started the proceedings with Trevor giving a brilliant 5 minute educational presentation on the importance of having doubts especially with conjoined to humility when it comes to new business start ups, or new business projects.. Having some minor doubts highlights the importance of the projects that are being undertaken. He also talked about the importance of avoiding people with negative attitudes also known as “gunslingers”, try to ignore the facts & figures they will hurl at you & remain positive. Doubters will adopt a facade of caring when in fact they don’t care about you; they only care about themselves and secretly want you to fail.

We then had the 10 minute presentation from Chris Barham who gave us a fascinating resume of her journey from Canada to the UK then onto Switzerland. She successfully raised her family whilst managing a business whilst residing in Europe, and it was during this time that she was introduced to Holistic Therapies, she took part in a massage course and spent time with a Reiki Master and decided to run with this as a business, her early marketing involved having flyers in very prestigious buildings such as the U.N. Building. Chris ended up treating some very high net worth clients and really enjoyed great success. Chris then felt the need to come back to the UK because of her Girls education requirements. Chris had the misfortune to obtain a job in a therapy clinic which was a doomed project, and when the business folded she started on her own again as a complimentary therapist, which she does to this day.

The members then all gave their 1 minute presentations, and we finished off with any other business, before leaving to head off to appointments or our offices.


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