Overcoming Type 2 Diabetes!

What a great meeting! It always surprises me how buzzing I feel at the end of our meetups, and this week was no exception. What a great way to kick off March 2017.

We had apologies from Keith Rawlings & Zaky Pasha but they were represented by David Harrison & Toni Forestiero and it was great to see them both.

We were back to the ‘buffet style’ breakfast at The Dukes in Heath & Reach this week (Thank you Sarah & Rita) and I really enjoyed my unique concoction of a breakfast!

As always, the conversation was flowing and it was soon time for our 10 minute presentation which, this week, was given by Philip Harrison, Utility Warehouse partner. Philip has unbelievably gone from being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes to having lost over a stone in weight, 2 inches round his waist, but most importantly reduced his HbA1c levels (a key marker for type 2 diabetes), from 52 to 41 and has fully reversed his Type 2 diabetes! With Philip’s scientific background, he was able to explain exactly why so many people battle with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes and face a daily struggle to take control of their health. As a health practitioner myself, it was great to hear Philip getting into the nitty gritty but also to hear his personal story around how he tackled key factors such as nutrition, exercise & stress. As soon as Philip had finished his presentation, the questions were flowing. He really captured our attention with his story. Thanks Philip!

Next we had the 1 minutes….. It was great to hear how the group’s individual businesses are expanding and changing.

But the time had now come for my first 5 minutes of fame! I thought I would be really nervous but I feel very relaxed in everyone’s company so I actually really enjoyed it. I decided to do my 5 minutes on Bio-Hacking. Basically finding ways to be the best version of yourself. My 5 minutes were conducted in the presence of my stunning amber glasses as I talked about how blue light suppresses melatonin production (which we need for a good nights sleep), how I have red lights in my bathroom and office (you can imagine the comments!) and lots more ways you can hack your way to being the best version of yourself.

We then finished off with referrals & testimonals and they were flowing. So that’s another great meeting finished. I’m really looking forward to next Wednesday’s meeting where we will hear from Mike Holmes & Christine Barham and I’ll come up with my next unique breakfast combination!!

Have a great week everyone.



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