Regular meeting

We had our weekly meeting again in the superb venue which is the Leighton Buzzard Golf Club & we were regally fed on the fantastic breakfasts always on offer.

The meeting started with a 10 minute presentation from Stewart Webb talking about the benefits of a good content management system (CMS), then gave us a very professional presentation on Word press as a Blogging tool particularly useful for Webb sites (Stewart’s forte), as it is self editing.

After Stewart handled any questions from the floor we went around the room & each member gave a 1 minute business presentation about themselves.

Steve baker then handled the education slot & spoke about developing a millionaires mindset when running your business, touching on the fact that we must not let ourselves be governed by the fear of failure and the importance of not offering our services based on price alone.

We then passed our referrals & testimonials & touched on any other business matters prior to closing the meeting @ 8.30 allowing us to be off to our offices or other business engagements.

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