So that’s how it’s done!

Another entertaining meeting on Wednesday morning. As well as this website, the group uses Whoozin to confirm attendance and give details of guests. There had, apparently, been some confusion over this, so Keith Rawlings did a quick scamper through the process. This was followed by Stuart Webb’s presentation on how to post a blog on this website. Needless to say, the acid test for this presentation is whether or not the blog appears successfully on the website or not. Fingers crossed!

Next week, normal service is resumed with a ten minute presentation by one of the members describing an aspect of their business, then we go around the table doing a minute each, followed by a second member doing a five minute infomercial that might be of interest to us all. As usual, chair, Steve Baker, will attempt to steer the group through the anarchy to the end of the meeting and largely fail. It’s entertaining to watch him try though.

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