The times, they are a changing

The LBBC assembled for its usual Wednesday morning breakfast at the Duke’s Head in Heath and Reach and were subjected to a vision of the future by the two speakers.

Andy Hooper of Leighton Computer Services gave a potted history of his career (so much achieved by one so young!) but concluded his presentation on the future of computer technology. Solid State Drives (SSD) are already being installed in new computers and are increasingly being post fixed in existing ones. They increase capacity, speed and, in the case of laptops stability as, being solid state, they are less prone to damage when the machinery is moved. In addition we can look forward to the development of mem-resistors. These are electronic devices installed in motherboards, replacement resistors if you want a layman’s definition. Again, speed and capacity are greatly increased.

Undoubtedly such things will result in a flurry of Intel Inside logos and stings on everything from watches to cornflakes. To some, it’s an exciting development. To others, like our revered Chair, who prefers the minutes of the meetings to be engraved in slabs of stone by small children, its anathema. Contact Andy at Leighton Computer Services for more information.

The five minute presentation by Keith Rawlings reminded the assembled throng that the new one pound coin is being launched on 28 March 2017 and we have until 15 October 2017 to dispose of our old one pound coins. The look and feel of the new coin was of great comfort to our revered Chair, as it is reminiscent of the threepenny bit of his dim, distant and somewhat cobwebbed childhood. The new coin probably buys as much as the threepenny bit did, too

More information is available on the Royal Mint website.

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