True Altruism @ LBBC

Another good meeting @ LBBC on Wednesday April the 24th although numbers were down & we wish a speedy recovery to Chris Green & Andy Hooper & we would like the creation on a 30 hour day for Steve Leverton!!

The usual banter was in evidence over a fantastic Barringtons breakfast yours truly then opened up the meeting with an unrehersed 10 minute presentation on the proper use of investment Wraps, this was followed by the members 1 minute presentations & then a 5 minute presentation from Hannah Brennan from Zebra Properties. Hannah via Zebra is the driving force behind a charity auction taking place on Friday the 5th of July @ The Inn at Woburn commencing at 7 PM this is a black tie event and tickets are £10, for more information contact Hannah on 01525 851471 or e mail her on

The next meeting on May the 1st sees the fist 10 minute presentation from Phillip Harrison of the Utility Warehouse

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