Typical Meeting

A brief guide to what you can expect at a typical Leighton Buzzard Business Club breakfast meeting, either as a guest or a new member…

We start with Introductions

You arrive at The Dukes in Heath & Reach at 7am for a 7.15am start, and spend a few minutes getting to know anyone who comes in during the gathering before breakfast. All LBBC Members remember how it was at their first meeting so they will be able to put you at your ease right away. So relax and introduce yourself, and see if you can find some new business just in those first few conversations!

Then sit down to breakfast

After initial introductions and informal conversation, at 7.15am everyone helps themselves to the delicious breakfast provided and sits down to eat, relax and discuss business some more.

Followed by Guest Speaker or 10 minute member presentation

During the meeting there may be a Guest Speaker (20 mins approx.), or one of the LBBC Members will be speaking for 10 minutes on their particular business.

And on to the 1 Minute Presentations

After breakfast, each LBBC Member stands up and speaks for 1 minute about their business, and mentions any “Specials” they may be running to attract new business. After the Members have spoken, each of the Guest Visitors are invited to speak for 1 minute also, introducing themselves and their businesses to the Club. You can relax when it is your turn to speak, because:

a) Nobody knows your business as well as you do! and

b) All the people listening want to support and promote your business. (And of course they want you to promote and support their businesses too!).

Final presentation – a 5 minute Infomercial

One of the members will speak briefly on a subject to pass on useful information to the group as a whole. This is not an opportunity to promote our business but rather to help one another.

And we finish up with Referrals

The last part of the meeting is to see how many referrals the Members have for each other. If you can refer some potential business to any of the Members, then you will be very popular! Likewise, you may find that you may get some referrals just from coming as a Guest Visitor!

Close of Meeting – usually by 8.30am

The most important thing to do this morning is to relax and enjoy the company of this informal group of friendly business people who, just like you, are looking to find themselves, and each other new business!

We’re always glad to welcome new members, guest visitors and speakers – please get in touch with the LBBC to arrange a visit to our productive and enjoyable breakfast meetings.