How to Pick an Agent When Buying a House

Choosing a Real Estate Agent for Home Buyers

 Buying a home with an agent can be easy if you pick the right agent. Here are the four most reliable signs of an excellent real estate agency.

 Choosing the right real estate agency makes all the difference in shopping for and purchasing a house, but how do people get an agent who will help with a mortgage, and simplify the process? Every home buyer should learn to recognize these four tell-tale characteristics of great agents.

 Find an Agent Who Lives in the Area

 People looking for a house in a specific town or area should try to locate a real estate agent who lives or works there. Locally based agents like this one will give valuable insights into the area, including practical information about shopping and restaurants, schools, neighbourhood atmosphere, and other community facilities.

 Hire a Buyer’s Agent through Recommendations

 The best way to get a good agent is through trusted recommendations. People looking to move within their own town can ask neighbours, family, and friends for the names of the agency they used and a brief list of what they liked about working with him or her.

 People who are relocating and buying a home in a new area can ask area residents for recommendations. Co-workers, church members, and school staff are often immensely helpful in providing recommendations for new arrivals who do not yet know the area.

Contact an Agent with Experience

If possible, find out about the background of an agency before doing any business with them. Like in any other profession, working in real estate involves a learning curve. An experienced agent will develop a feel for different types of sellers. With experience comes wisdom and a chance to hone the necessary skills.

Real estate agents who have been in the business for a long time will be better equipped to effectively show a house, get inside information from fellow agents, and successfully negotiate a satisfactory price.

Work with a Real Estate Agent Who Fits

Even though communicating via email is convenient, call, or visit the agent in person for a brief conversation. Spending just a few minutes with a prospective agent can reveal a lot about how they will “click” with you as the buyer.

Buyers should note how the agent makes them feel (relaxed or tense) and whether they seem to understand and care what they want in a house. In this case, first impressions are generally very accurate.

Hiring a buyer’s agent is no small decision. The agent is instrumental in getting a buyer appointments to view houses for sale and assisting in negotiations. Therefore, it should be someone local, experienced, and recommended by trusted sources. 

Home buyers should also consider that they will be spending the better part of several days or weeks with their agent, so it had better be someone with whom they enjoy working, too.